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Yasmina Reza's play ART was first produced in Paris, at the Comédie des Champs Elysées, in 1994. There, Sean Connery saw it, on his wife's advice, and liked it so much that he decided to back an English-language production. He and co-producer David Pugh asked the renowned playwright Christopher Hampton to translate the script. The production opened at Wyndham's Theatre in 1996. It was a huge success and on its playwright, Yasmina Reza, an Olivier award and an Evening Standard award for Best Comedy. A couple of years later, the production had its 27th and last cast until January, 4 th 2003.

For years I always thought about going to see Art myself, but always chose another play instead. Now I had two good reasons to go to London in December 2002 to do so. First: The play was only running until January, 4 th 2003 and Second: with THAT cast I had no other chance as to go, since I am a huge fan.

Here's the story in a nutshell:

Serge (Mark Gatiss) buys a drawing for 200,000 Francs, which he regards as a masterpiece




Whereas his long lasting friend Marc (Steve Pemberton) tells him bluntly what he's thinking of the drawing, Yvan (Reece Shearsmith) tries to use a kindly way. The whole thing escalates when Yvan arrives late when the friends were about to go to the pictures. Before anyone was able to say one word, Yvan tells them the whole dilemma (a rather amazing scene where Reece talks for a very long time without so much of a break and you get the idea, that he isn't even breathing then). More and more the friends getting crossed, until it ends in palpability. It was then when they realised that it's no uses arguing over a drawing and become reconciled.




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Mark Gatiss (Serge) Steve Pemberton (Marc) Reece Shearsmith (Yvan)

 Some pictures and lines taken from the   Whitehall Theatre's ART-Programme