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Stella Hull Benjamin Denton
Stella Hull Benjamin Denton


Reece finished Bretton Hall College in Leeds in 1990. His TV-roles includes parts in "Lenny Goes to Town", "Merry Go Round" and "London's burning" on LWT as well as "The Devil of Winterborne" and "The Ghosts of Winterborne" for BBV Productions.

He wrote and acted in "newsrevue", a satire show in London's Canal Cafe. He teamed up with Steve Pemberton to write the book on  "The Honeymoon Period" and starred in "This Year's Love (1999)" and "Birthday Girl (2001)".

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Reece Shearsmith Birth name: Reeson William Shearsmith
Birthdate: August, 27 th 1969
Height: 5ft 7
Eye colour: blue
Hair colour: black
Marital Status: Married to Jane
Kids:  Holly (2002) / Danny (????)


Title Year Characters
Free Jimmy 2006 Ante (Voice)
The League Of Gentelemen's Apocalypse 2005 various characters  - go to  LOG-site also script
The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy 2005 Additional Vogon Voices
The all star comedy show 2004 various characters
Shaun of the dead 2004 Mark
Catterick 2004 Tony
Max and Paddy's Road to Nowhere 2004

E 1.3 / Bobster

League of Gentlemen Series 1 - 3/Live at Drury Lane / Christmas Special 1999 - 2002 various characters  - go to  LOG-site also script
Legend of the lost tribe 2002 Viking 1 (Voice)
Tlc / Dr. Flynn - Überleben ist Glückssache 2002 Dr. Laurence Flynn
Birthday Girl 2001 Porter
Randall & Hopkirk (Deceased)


E 2.7-Two Can Play At The Game / Helium Harry

Spaced 2001

E 2.3-Mettle and E 2.7-Leaves / Dexter

I love 1970's 2000 himself
This Year's Love 1999 Tourist
Auton 2: Sentinel 1998 Dr. Daniel Matthews 
In the Red/Mord auf Sendung 1998 Broadcast Journalist
Lenny Goes to Town 1998 E 1.4-Brighton
Merry-Go-Round 1998 various characters, including pilot
Auton 1997 Dr. Daniel Matthews
Ghosts of Winterborne 1996 Andrew Powell
The Devil of Winterborne 1995 Andrew Powell
London's Burning 1988 Extra

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Books Year Cover
The League of Gentlemen - Scripts and that 16/10/2003
A Local Book for Local People 01/10/2001 Local Book


Reece Shearsmith was born on August, 27 th 1969 in Hull as Reeson William Shearsmith. Since September 2002 he is father of a little girl called Holly. He also has a part in "In the Red" and stars in the sitcom "Tlc". When I first met him on December, 2 nd 2002 he was quiet, didn't talk as much as Mark and Steve with me, but he was very kind. I had the chance to take the photo below on the next day and had the chance to talk with him for a short moment. 


(Those private information are from 2003. If you know of any changes, please let me know so that I will be able to update it]

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Ross Gaines Geoff Tipps
Ross Gaines Geoff Tipps (centre)
Reece in London
Reece on December, 3 rd in London