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Pauline Campbell-Jones Harvey Denton
Pauline Campbell-Jones Harvey Denton



As the rest of the League Steve went to Bretton Hall College in Leeds.

His TV appearances includes "Auntie's Inferno", a pilot for a BBC Sitcom. He also played  in "Damage Your Children" at the Edinburgh Festival and "Death Warmed Up" at the London Canal Cafe as well as  in "The Honeymoon Period" (with Reece Shearsmith) and "Done To Death" (with Mark Gatiss).

As a founder member of the 606 Theatre he produced and starred in "Pantagleize" and "The Honest Whore" and was the assistent director on "The Beggars New Clothes" at the Cockpit Theatre.

Steve wrote articles on "Variety International" and was co-editor on the "Internation Film Guide" (1991 - 2000)

He also had parts in "Gormenghast", "Randall & Hopkirk", "Smith and Jones", "Friday Night Amistrice", "Lenny goes to Town" and "In the Red" as well as  minor roles in "Bithday Girl", "Alice in Russialand" and "This Year's Love"

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Steve Pemberton Birth name: Steven Pemberton (Pemby)
Birthdate: September, 1 st 1967
Height: 5ft 9
Eye colour: blue
Hair colour: brown
Marital Status: Friend Alison
Kids: Lucas (2000), Madeleine (2003) *, Jan 2006 sex and name not yet known *

* Thanks a lot Tracy for this information.


Title Year Character
Free Jimmy 2006 Mattis (Voice)
I Could Never Be Your Woman 2006 Censor
Hotel Babylon 2006 F 1.3 / Mr Daniels
Riot At The Rite 2005 Critic
Lassie 2005 Edward Hynes
The League Of Gentelemen's Apocalypse 2005 various characters  - go to  LOG-site also script
The Last Detective - Friends Reunited 2005 Edward Netherton
Match Point 2005 DI Parry
The hitchhiker's guide to the galaxy 2005 Mr. Prosser / Additional Vogon Voices
Under The Greenwood Tree 2005 Shiner
Churchhill: The Hollywood Years 2004 Chester
Blackpool 2004 Adrian Marr
The Life and Death of Peter Sellers 2004 Harry Secombe
Poirot: Death on The Nile 2004 Dr. Bressner
Shameless 2003

E 1.1 und 1.2 / Eddie Jackson

Legend of the lost tribe 2002 Viking 2 (Voice)
Spheriks 2002 ???
League of Gentlemen Series 1 - 3 / Live at Drury Lane / Christmas Special 1999 - 2002 various characters  - go to  LOG-site also script
Birthday Girl/Birthday Girl 2001 Duty Sergeant
Gormenghast 2000 Professor Mule
Randall & Hopkirk (Deceased) 2000

E 1.1-Drop Dead / Sergeant Liddel

In the Red/Mord auf Sendung 1998 Lawrence Booth-Heath
Lenny Goes To Town 1988

E 1.1-Stoke-on-Trent  / unknown

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Books Year Cover
The League of Gentlemen - Scripts and that 16/10/2003
A Local Book for Local People 01/10/2001 Local Book
Variety Almanac 15.05.1996 no cover available


Steve Pemberton (nick Pemby) was born on September, 1 st 1967 in Blackburn, Lancashire as Steven Pemberton. Since 2002 he's got a son named Lucas. He writes the German parts on League of Gentlemen and was very pleased with someone from Germany coming over. He had heard about the fact, that two series of LoG were broadcast on German telly in a dubbed version. Steve was very kind and likes to talk to his fans. I will remember that for a rather long time.


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Iain Cashmore
Herr Wolf Lipp Iain Cashmore (front)
Steve and Mark in London
Steve and Mark on December, 3 rd 2002 in London