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Jeremy, Mark, Reece, Steve

Jeremy and Mark
(from left: Jeremy, Mark, Reece, Steve - Source: unknown) (from left: Jeremy, Mark - Source: unknown)


Jeremy Dyson (Nickname Jez) was born on June, 14 th 1966 in Leeds, Yorkshire UK. Although he studied drama, he never was very fond of acting himself. He went to the Northern School of Film and Television and left it with a degree in Scriptwriting. He loves magic and was very fond of playing magic trics on children's birthday parties at the age of 13 - 20. Ever since university he is still playing keyboard in a band called "Rudolf Rocker".

Jeremy also published a book called "Never Trust a Rabbit", a collection of short stories,  "The Essex Files" (with Mark Gatiss) and "Bright Darkness: The lost art of the supernatural horror film." At present he finishes his first novel. A title is still to be discovered.



Jeremy Dyson Birth name: Jeremy Dyson (Jez)
Birthdate: June, 14 th 1966
Height: 5ft 7
Eye colour: brown
Hair colour: brown
Marital Status: Married to Nicky



Title  Year


Funland 2005 Script
The League Of Gentelemen's Apocalypse 2005 Script
League of Gentlemen Series 1 - 3 / Live at Drury Lane / Christmas Special 1999 - 2002

various small roles


Legend of the lost tribe 2002

Viking 4 (Voice)

The Cicerones (Shortfilm) / Das Geheimnis der Kathedrale 2002 Script
Randall & Hopkirk (Deceased) 2000 Script / F2.7-Two Can Play At The Game


Books Year Cover
What Happens Now 06/04/2006
The League of Gentlemen - Scripts and that 16/10/2003
A Local Book for Local People 01/10/2001 Local Book
Never Trust A Rabbit 19/04/2001
The Essex Files (with Mark Gatiss) 13/11/1997 The Essex Files
Bright Darkness: Lost Art of the Supernatural Horror Film (Film Studies)  21/08/1997



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Jeremy and Mark Reece, Jeremy and Mark
(from left:: Jeremy, Mark - Source: unknown) (from left:  Reece, Jeremy, Mark - Source unknown)