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I created this site, because I am a massive Mark Gatiss fan. I don't want to violate any copyrights an as long as it's still possible to figure out I enclose the source of the pictures and lines on my site. The site is for private use only. If anyone figures out that one of the pictures etc. belongs to you, please contact me and I will gladly put your name on my site. I collected most of the data of various League of Gentlemen fan sites, interviews and so on.

If anybody is interested in a friendship or like to get to know more about Mark Gatiss, feel free to contact me and I will send an answer to you a.s.a.p.

This site has been tested with IE, Firefox, Maxthon, Avant, Opera and Netscape. I am totally aware that not everything appears with Netscape and Opera as it was planned, but at least it's running.  Since English is not my mother tongue there might be some mistakes ;o).

Well, finally I found a little space for this site without the annying adverbs :o). On the other hand, some of the photol will take a little bit longer to load, because I had to put them on some other space. Hope you'll gonna like it anyway. The copyrights of all screenshots are reserved by the distributors. The rest of the pics I found somewhere on the net during my searches for quite a while now.

Special note


For legal reasons I hereby state explicitly that I dissociate from any content of the linked sites on my page. I am not responsible for anything on them.


Thanks to


Luin, who kindly allowed me to use some of her photos.

Dani, who sort of kicked my butt with her story so that I decided to fly to London and many, many thanks for the lovely autograph she got for me. For family reasons I unfortunately wasn't able to meet up with her in London when she went to see Art.

To all the League of Gentlemen fan sites on the net; carry on with the lovely work. It's always a pleasure to read something new about the Gents.

And last but not least thanks to Mark Gatiss, Steve Pemberton and Reece Shearsmith for their kindness when I had the pleasure to meet them in December 2002 and December 2005  in London.